Accepted call to Gospel Preaching Ministry                            

  Nov. ‘76
B.A. in Religious Studies:  San Diego State University   June ‘83
Love at First Sight with Judy Glaspie (First Lady)   Dec. ‘87
United in Holy Matrimony with First Lady   Mar. ‘88
B.A. in Biblical Studies:  Linda Vista Bible College   June ‘88
Sent by God & Called by church as Pastor of Victory B. C.    Apr. ‘92
M.A. Theological Studies:  Bethel Theological Seminary    June ‘95
Progressive Baptist District Assoc. 3rd Vice Moderator   May ‘96
Chairman of Baptist Ministers Union Bible Institute     Apr. ‘97
Progressive Baptist District Assoc. 2nd Vice Moderator   May ‘98
N.T. Instructor @ San Diego School of Theology   Sept. ‘99
First Lady enrolls in San Diego School of Theology   Sept. ‘99
1st Mission to the Motherland (First foreign mission in South Africa)   Aug. ‘00
2nd Mission to the Motherland with First Lady in South Africa     Aug. ‘01
Retracing the Steps of Christianity:  Trip to Rome, Italy, and Jerusalem         

May ‘03

Peace Mission to Israel with First Lady   Dec. ‘03
Martin Luther King Peace Award (Golden Ave. Elem.School)   Feb. ‘04
Lemon Grove School District Founders Award       Feb. ‘04
SDSU Faith Based Community Leadership Training Certificate   Feb. ‘04
First Lady’s 1st Guest Speaker Lemon Grove Community Church   Feb. ’04
Chaplain & Educator for San Diego Rescue Mission Men’s Center   Feb. ’04
Progressive Baptist District Assoc. 1st Vice Moderator        May ‘05
Doctorate in Ministry (Expository Preaching & Pulpit Communications)       

Nov. ‘05

Pastor & First Lady Mission Trip to Korea   Aug. ‘05
Plenary Session Lecturer:  CMB State Convention   Oct. ’05 & ‘06
Evening Sermon @ CMB State Convention   Oct. ’07          
President & Opening of Victory Summit Bible College   Jan. ‘08